Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday 29 August

Okay wow, so long time no post......
Whats been happening? Got my first promotion!! yay, still a lowly white belt, but now I have a stripe on it. Was just rolling with a blue and opened with a nice triangle technique I learned from guard using an overhook with my left hand to opponents collar to wrap it up, wrist control on the other hand, leading to a nice slow controlled triangle, sweet.. the rest of the roll was pretty cool too, then my instructor casually goes, "you can put a stripe on your belt now", I was so stoked but tried to play it cool, "Sweet as, cheers". classic.

Jiu Jitsu University  review was my last post, that book has since gone back to the library, I am glad I simply borrowed it and didn't buy it, as although it is a good all round book, I found some of the moves ,(escapes particularly) a bit difficult to put into practice.
I have since sourced myself a copy of Eddie Bravos two books "Mastering the Rubber Guard", and "Mastering the Twister". I already had a copy of "Jiu Jitsu Unleashed" his first foray into writing, however this is a pretty basic book with small grainy black and white photos. The two mastering books however are great.
I think the best thing I like about Eddies books are firstly the effectiveness of his system, and the structure of it, i.e you start from here, then if your opponent is this way you transition to this, if not go here.... etc, it is very straightforward for a beginner to follow this roadmap.

I have had alot of success, with fellow whites/blues at least, in the past using his halfguard system, lockdown, whip up, old school. However I have since stopped using it so much and concentrating more on techniques I have learned from my instructor, however its a nice technique to have in the bank when things don't work out so well. I didn't want to be 'that guy' that just pulls out the one move all the time....

I've had a break from training last week as after a Saturday session (which was awesome!!!), I found myself with a strained hip flexor and sore shoulder, turns out the hip flexor was just a niggle and went away mostly, within a few days, the shoulder happens to be bursitis, so hopefully my physio can sort me out with this.... Yet to go back to training, its only been a week and a bit, but I'm itching to get back..!!

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