Sunday, October 17, 2010

Number Two:

Okay, So I finally get well enough and am all geared up to go back to training! First day back, started out great. We went over some Judo throws for a while until our instructor arrived, then we learnt a sweet new technique. Not sure of the name of it, but basically you start from side control, then secure a grip on the collar at the back of the neck, go to knee ride, grab an underhand grip close to the other on the collar, and twist down to a kinda north south position, where your forearm crosses over the guys neck and chokes him. It was very effective.
Rolling time...... Only rolled with other white belts today, it was okay tho, as all were pretty easy going guys. A new guy turned up today, and had a great time. It was his second class I think. And he rolled nice and easy, So it was good to try out some of the techniques we had been learning over the last few weeks, I got in a kimura, triangle, arm bar, and lots of side control to mount, I also taught him an Upa escape and some of the no-no's like putting your hands on the mat when you're in someone elses guard.
Last roll of the night was with a 3-stripe white, awesome guy, and we had a great roll, unfortunately right at the end, as I was getting dominated and trying to escape side control i heard a nice crack, and noticed my rib feels really funny and kinda lumpy! :(, went to A&E to get it checked out, most likely a fracture or I have torn some of the cartilage between the ribs/sternum, either way no mat time for 4-6 weeks. Sad face~Oh well it happens...

Still, the silver lining is it's exam time now so more time to study.....:)

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