Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back to training!

Okay, so it's been a while. Turns out I did get my rib busted up, tore some of the intercostal muscle and cartilage where ribs meet up with sternum. Took some time to rehab, and now I feel I am good to go. Its been probably about 5 months now since I have been training Jiu jitsu properly, had some days in between but nothing consistent.

So what have I been doing during my hiatus? Well I have been working on my core strength and concentrating on strength and conditioning exercises, lots of circuit workouts and plyo's. In addition I have also been reading a few BJJ books, and hope do do some reviews on these later on, Jiu Jitsu Unleashed-Eddie Bravo, and A fighters Heart-Sam Sheridan, both great reads.

I had my first proper training in a while last Friday, and it felt great, rolled with a bluebelt, and another whitebelt and survived!! This is my main goal at the moment, concentrate on surviving, and being comfortable on the bottom, which is where I end up most of the time. Monday now, so have a lunchtime training coming up soon, and looking forward to it. Will check back in later to update this more often.


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